Aviator Trivia !

The Stylish Aviators Functional Beginning!


Ray-Ban created the original Aviator sunglasses for the US air force in 1936 to stop the sun’s glare during flights. A Hollywood favorite, the Aviator became hugely popular after the 80’s hit, Top Gun! From movies like the Blues Brothers to popular TV series like Moonlighting, Ray-Ban placed their sunglasses in more than 60 movies and television shows making Ray-Ban the coolest  & the most iconic sunglasses in the world!

The Aviator shape is iconic even today, with retro styling being so huge. Check out this streamlined tortoiseshell design – it only goes to prove the Aviators lasting & classic appeal. Boys, if I were you, I’d wear this iconic pair all year round for a masculine look to die for! To beat the heat in style, you might want to throw on a pair of well-worn Jeans, a white Tee & the essential vintage boots to complete this hot look. For more, get your rock n roll on, with a statement wristband!

Sunglasses Make the Man



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