Boyfriends, Beware.

Now if there’s one style of dressing that will always be a personal favorite, it’s got to be the Boyfriend Style of dressing! Effortless & so very cool, I love how easy the whole deal is.


While boys’ jeans were the first to get invaded, the boyfriend style of dressing is now brashly stolen from men’s t-shirts, boring old shirts, geeky spectacles & even footwear. Seriously, when will we ladies ever stop?


These days, however, boyfriends can actually catch a breather, coz thanks to high street brands; there are so many of these borrowed styles to choose from! A hint, slightly oversized is the way to rock this look. I find, opting for 1 size larger, is always the easiest way.


The trick to really pulling off this look is with relaxed feminine ease- coz too much macho could end up looking just that; too macho! It’s always a great idea to introduce softer elements like delicate jewelry with a scruffy old boys shirt or a sexy pair of shoes with worn out, rolled up dude jeans.


Dressed down in soft & frayed cotton feels great against the skin and is truly the epitome of comfort dressing. I often find myself customizing old t-shirts by ripping off the sleeves & maybe slashing up necklines to create modern shapes.


With a few stylish twists, it’s easy to pull of this relaxed looks that’s as comfy as it is street.



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