What’s All the Fuss About?

While summer dressing is essentially fuss free, this season, there seems to be a huge flutter in the Ruffle Top department…a very welcome flutter and one that’s very fun!

Say hello to the Big and Bold Ruffle Top.


Now, the Ruffle Top is no new-comer, having made its presence strongly felt in casual wardrobes, through most of last season. What’s interesting this season, is that it’s bossily found its way into almost every category of clothing!  From soft feminine t-shirts to crisp poplin office blouses, the ruffle shouts out; commanding attention and soaring high on style!


Popping up in unexpected areas, such as sleeve openings, waist and hemlines, the ruffle has transformed mundane basics to wonderfully quirky fashion pieces.


My favorite take on the ruffle is the detachable bell sleeve from Zara.This versatile top is an absolute summer essential that cannot be ignored.


What’s most fun about the ruffle is how it turns an otherwise staid outfit into fun and inspiring- think Monday Morning Blues- it’s always better to flounce your way into a work week, stylishly.


It’s easy to fall in love with this light and unmistakably airy trend, that partners especially well with mom fit jeans. I’m also very partial to the ruffled tank top and shorts duo – quintessentially summery – plus you don’t need a day at the beach to pull off this look!


If it’s the off-shouldered and peek-a-boo sleeved cropped blouse or a severe shell top with over-the-top flounces, that catch your eye, be sure that the Gods of Fashion are smiling upon you- may you inspire many and flutter your way through a happy summer!

Got ruffles? Get the look, right here / right now!


Product images sourced from:
‘Get the Look’ styled by Gotta be Me.

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